VIB Package

$45.00 | valued over $600.00

*Denotes Available only to VIBs (Very Important Brides)

  • Large Canvas VIB tote bag*
  • 5-ticket pass (Bride-to-be plus 4 guests)*
  • Bride T-shirt
  • Groom T-shirt
  • Brides Sash and 3 Bridesmaids Sashes
  • Enter the show through the VIB Entrance/Lounge*
  • Express check-in*
  • Show Floor 30 Minute Head Start- Enjoy a 30 minute head start before the rush enters.*
  • Free Wedding Bands from Click on gift card and select any two rings of your choice. $25.00 processing and handling fee and $5 shipping is required.
  • $200 SymbolizeIt gift card
  • VIB Brides and their Squad can attend more Wedding Festivals Shows for Free with VIB bag in hand*

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