“Marc and Colleen,

Thank you for yet another incredible show! Your advertising before the show sparked visits to our website coming from the Wedding Festival site by over 3 times the average!! 316%! We had an outstanding show 2008 will be a very, very busy year! We really appreciate all your hard work and efforts to facilitate a success Bridal Show. We love you guys!”

Enjoy His Day,

“Hi Marc and Colleen,

I have been meaning to do this for some time now. I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate everything you do and the service you provide to us. We started our photography company 5 years ago, and we owe a large part of our success to you. We started out shooting less than 10 weddings a year, and then began advertising with you through the web site and at the bridal shows. In the two and a half years we have been advertising with you our business has more than tripled, we are booking almost every available date, and have events booked a year and half out. After buying full page ads in magazines, and many other endeavors, we have found that the only form of advertising that has ever worked well for us is Wedding Festivals. Now it is the only form of advertising we do. But not only do we love the response we get from advertising with you, we feel that you do everything you can to make our experience at the show a pleasant one, from having people available to help unload and set up at no charge (the employees you have working the day of are always amazingly friendly and extremely hardworking), to personally walking around and asking if we have everything we need and if there was anything you could do. We have done shows with other bridal show companies in the area, but NOTHING works like Wedding Festivals!”

Lindsey and Craig Mahaffey
Sposa Bella Photograhpy

“That is GREAT Marc, I really appreciate it. Excellent show on Saturday I feel like we got a good many solid leads. You and Colleen and your people are doing a great job with the festivals and the association. Talk to you soon.”

Lamar Richardson
Weddings by Lamar

“Marc and Colleen,

I want to take a moment today and tell you how much we enjoyed the festival last night. My partner and I both felt that it was absolutely the best thing we could have participated in. We want to thank you for the ideal booth you assigned to us considering we registered so late in the game. As a matter of fact it was so profitable to us that we would like to discuss reserving that same spot for the next festival and as well we are considering your Anderson and Asheville Festivals. Your hard work and detail for excellence is certainly noted.”

Thank You,
Carol Rosensteel
Gemstone Artistry

“Marc & C,

“Just wanted to say I really enjoyed the Wedding Fest. I thought you did a great job. You had everything very well organized and all the help I needed. I appreciate every thing you did to make it a success.”

Thanks again,
Kathy Hutchison
Dreams Come True

“I think that the Wedding Festivals team did a fantastic job at the recent shows. It is great to see hard work result in an outstanding product. I personally spoke with many enthusiastic brides-to-be who were enjoying the show, seeing and learning about the vendors participating at the shows. I also spoke with many vendors who stated they thought these shows were the best ever! The multimedia advertising program obviously worked as we and the other 150 vendors saw hundreds of brides. We’ve come to rely on the Festivals as great exposure for our product and company.”

Bill Flanagan
Weddings with Style Magazine

“Marc & Colleen,

Just wanted to thank you both! I had a wonderful time at the festival last night. Things were so nice –and so busy! This was my first time working the event…and I’m so excited about the next. I appreciate all your help in aiding me through this first time! Have a wonderful weekend!”

Debra Capps
Director of Sales
Wingate Inn – Greenville, SC

“Participating in Wedding Festivals has made a direct impact on increasing our business, not only with new brides, but with other wedding vendors as well.”

Jeff Fann
Professional Party Rentals

“When wedding vendors ask us what is the best use of our advertising dollars, I tell them without a doubt the Wedding Festival Shows. Nothing brings the brides to us more affectively. Although setting up and tearing down a booth are not on my top 10 list of things I like to do on Saturdays, we keep doing it, show after show, because it works. It works to put our name out in this group of women who will call, email, and book us. From these shows, we not only get the brides who attend, but we get their friends, too. We find the brides hold on to and share the information they receive at the show. Some brides will call us the week right after the show, some will call us even six months or more later. Every show offers a wonderful blend of wedding budgets. Whether you are trying to appeal to hundreds of brides or just to a selected few, the wedding festival shows will put these brides face to face with you. The other added benefit of the shows are to meet the other wedding vendors. It’s a great group, not of competitors, but of colleagues who will send brides to you as well. We schedule our calendars around these shows.”

Susan Newton
Newton Photography

“The Party Machine has been in business for 10 years and every year we’ve seen an increase in our wedding business. We contribute that largely to the Wedding Festivals.”

Jeff Hayes
The Party Machine

“Marc and Colleen,

Congratulations on your award! You must be very proud!!!! It’s awesome to be recognized for all of your hard work! Keep it up!”

All the best,
Tracey Schmidt Photography

“I just want to let you know that I was so proud to be apart (again) of Wedding Festivals. You do an awesome job! Any Bride, Vendor or visitor could not experience the wedding carma any where else in South Carolina. I am so proud to know that someone cares about the brides in this area to put on a show in the manor in which you do. I know it takes a lot out of you and Marc, but please! know that I appreciate you as do any brides that walks down the aisle of your mock weddings! I have already heard from 8 brides and booked 2. Thank you again for allowing my business to be a part of your show!”

Kaye Greene,WFD
Just Weddings – Flowers by Kaye

“I had a wonderful experience at my first Wedding Festival. Your company is very professional and helpful, and I look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Rachel Zink

“Blog: We had the privilege of setting up a booth at the last Greenville Wedding Festival of the season yesterday. We really want to send a special thank you to Mark and Colleen.. The success of the Wedding Festivals allows us to meet so many amazing brides face to face and plays a major part in the success of our business.. So, thank you Mark and Colleen!!!”

Amy Raycroft
Raycroft Art

“This was our first time participating in your show and want to express our sincere appreciation for allowing us to participate. We are from Newberry, S.C. and have participated in many shows in the midlands and none of them compare to yours. There was such a sense of professionalism, yet everything seemed so personal. I think one of my favorite parts, (other than the tremendous turnout of prospective clients) was the group prayer at the beginning of the show. The lord has truly blessed all of us with the gift of talent to be in this profession and it was wonderful to recognize that and give thanks for it. Thanks again for a wonderful experience.”

Rex and Sandy Woolbright
Weddings By Woolbrights

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