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Norwex is a way to live cleaner, safer and better, by using our state-of-the-art microfiber and water alone. It removes 99% of all bacteria from a surface, and has microsilver technology to self purify the cloth- meaning it stays cleaner longer! 

The Norwex mission encompasses a healthy lifestyle by providing products not only for cleaning your home, but personal care, products for children and babies, pet care, and even a car care line.

Norwex provides a sustainable way of cleaning and living, reducing plastic waste and saving time and money. It rewards hosts with free products by spreading our mission across the globe! 
For my brides:
We will create a registry of what you love and need to create your house into a safe haven. 

You can choose to have a (clean) bridal shower, we also have gifts for your wedding party.

*All of your gifts and purchases made will be placed into your own shopping link which allows you to receive free products!
I look forward to partnering with you to create your safe haven! 

Sabrina Marbry 
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